Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling

Build Your Marriage

When the wedding ceremony and honeymoon are over, a couple unknowingly is about to “build” their marriage.  All Activities leading up to the day after the honeymoon are simply the gathering of the “Building Materials.”  Few calculate the cost of the final structure. Most premarital couples spend a great deal of time, energy, and money on a wedding ceremony that lasts for a few hours.  But they spend little time acquiring the relationship skills needed to build a marriage that could last 50 years.

The in-depth premarital counseling offered by Mandarin Christian Counseling Center is an assessment of the skills acquired by each person and a Biblical guide of the skills required by God for marriage.  It allows couples to focus on issues that require the sharing of both positive and negative feelings and begin the process of becoming “united” in the manner in which you become an effective couple.  Couples will be referred to their pastor for any clarifications of scripture relating to their denomination should questions arise.

Jesus said, “If you’re capable of Growing into the largeness of marriage, then do it.
Matthew 19:12 (Message Version)

You Will Receive

  • Counseling covering:
    • conflict resolution
    • communication
    • love languages
    • finances
    • children
    • decision making skills
  • A Certificate of Completion for the State of Florida Marriage License which affords you discount o from the Marriage License Application Fee for Duval or St. Johns County
  • A Binder of Materials and Handouts
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