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We know that the cost of psychotherapy can be a barrier to getting the help you need.

It is a difficult balance — you need our services and we need to make a living.  We are able to bill medical insurance, to accept EAP (Employee Assistance Program) referrals, and to accept financial support by your church.  If you cannot afford services from us, please contact us.  We will help you identify an appropriate provider that you are able to afford.

Our fees are reviewed regularly to insure we are in-line with our peers.  Depending on the therapist you see, counseling fees range from $150 to $105.00 for the first session, and $125 to $87.50 for each 60-minute counseling session thereafter.  Adjustments to our fees may be discussed with your therapist.

Payment for your counseling session is expected at the time of your visit and may be handled by check, cash, Visa, Master Card or Discover Card.

Insurance Filing

WE ARE NOT ABLE TO BILL MEDICARE FOR OUR SERVICES EVEN IF YOU HAVE SECONDARY INSURANCE.  Medicare doesn't include Licensed Mental Health Counselors in their list of approved providers so we don't have the option of applying to participate in their panel.  Since Medicare will deny any claim we send in, your secondary insurance will not pay either.

We participate with many EAPs (too many to name).  All require that you get authorization prior to your first appointment. At the time you call for your authorization, please confirm that we are a participating provider -- we may be listed as Mandarin Christian Counseling Center or Peggi S Wegener EdS Inc.  You will be responsible for the full fee if your EAP doesn’t cover our services.

We are IN-NETWORK for ALL Aetna products as well as Tricare Standard. You are responsible for paying your deductible, copayments, coinsurance and/or balance after insurance pays.

We are OUT-OR-NETWORK for ALL other insurance providers.  Generally, this means your policy will not contribute to the cost of your counseling until you meet your out-of-network deductible.  You are expected to pay full fee at the time of service and we will file claims on your behalf.  Your insurance carrier will send you payment. Of course, there is an exception! -- BCBS will pay us.  If we get payment from them on your services, we will apply the credit to your future sessions or send you a refund check.

Here are the questions YOU need to ask your insurance provider in order for you to determine if your insurance will cover services rendered by our staff.

  1. Do you have “out-of-network benefits”?  If not, then insurance will NOT help you pay for our services.
  2. If yes, do you have benefits if services are rendered by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor?  If not, then insurance will NOT help you pay for our services.
  3.  If yes, what is your out-of-network deductible?
  4. Once your deductible is met, what will your insurance company pay?  Insurance frequently pays a percentage of what they decide is “usual and customary” and this is often lower than our fee.  Please know that you will be responsible for the difference between what your insurance pays and our fee.

For ALL out-of-network insurance plans, you are expected to pay FULL FEE for your services.

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