Our Credentials & Values

mandarin christian counseling

Like all credible and ethical psychotherapists, we have each been professionally trained and are licensed by the State of Florida (Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern). We also want you to know we are real people. We have each been hurt, struggled and been dissatisfied at times in our lives, and we also have sought out therapists to help us. We each personally understand how difficult it is to admit we can’t solve an issue on our own, to struggle to make changes in ourselves and our relationships, and to open up to a stranger in hopes of receiving help.

As a result, we take very seriously that the therapeutic relationship is a sacred trust.

  • We are committed to keeping your business with us private. We take this VERY seriously. You will see in our Consent for Treatment the only times we can release information about you without your written permission.
  • We are committed to making therapy a No Condemnation Zone – you are free to explore any and all concerns with us.
  • We are committed to serving you within our professional skills – if we don’t have the skills to assist you, we will tell you and will help you connect to someone who will be able to assist you.
  • We are committed to respecting your belief system. While each of us is personally committed to our faith in Christ, we want to know what YOU believe and draw upon that in your therapy. We will not bring in overt references to our faith without your consent.
  • We are committed to helping you achieve your goals in the least number of sessions as is possible. Therapy typically begins weekly and then, as you make progress, decreases in frequency. And therapy often occurs in cycles, just like seeing your physician – you work on an issue and make changes and then let those changes become your normal. When a new issue arises or the old issue resurfaces, you return to the therapist to go another step.
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