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First let me say I’m sorry you are in need of a psychotherapist. I know this means you are hurting, struggling or dissatisfied in some way and can’t figure out how to get relief or improvement on your own. And I also want to say I am proud of you for taking a step to get some help. My staff and I hope to earn your trust and your business so that we can assist you in achieving your goals.

Please take a look at the other areas of our website such as our counseling servicespremarital counseling options and how to deal with stress and trauma. I hope you will have most of your questions answered through the information provided. However, if you have additional questions, please call me at 904-262-1900 or email me peggi@jaxchristiancounseling.com.

Joyfully in His Service,

Peggi S. Wegener, LMHC President

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