Licensed Mental Health Counselor #3102
Board Certified Bioenergetic Psychotherapist (FSBA)
Certified TRE® Provider – Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (currently the only provider in NE Florida!)

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Peggi is a native Floridian who grew up in Orlando.  Like many of her peers, she worked at Disney as a young adult – the song belonging to her attraction still shows up in her dreams!  She attended the University of Florida and received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.  Her career began as a Juvenile Justice “counselor” working with first time and minor offenders.  She took youth offenders on tours of the local jail and Union Correctional maximum security prison, coordinated their community service hours, and managed their restitution as well as their apologies.  She quickly determined that she wanted to assist people in a more direct and therapeutic manner.

Peggi returned to the University of Florida and received two concurrent degrees – Master of Education and Specialist of Education (a year longer than the Master’s degree) – in Counselor Education with a focus on Community and Agency Counseling.  During graduate school she volunteered and later worked for the Alachua County Crisis Center.  Peggi counts her time working in suicide prevention and crisis intervention as foundational to the work she does today.

Upon completing her graduate degrees, she moved to Jacksonville to start a job with the Mental Health Resource Center.  In addition to working in community mental health, she has worked in EAP (employee assistance program) and was one of only two dedicated counselors for the Anheuser-Busch companies locally.  She has also worked in the rehab industry working with people injured on the job or in motor vehicle accidents.  Peggi joined Mandarin Christian Counseling Center in 2001 and became president and owner in February 2010.

Over the course of her 30+ year career, she has developed skills and interventions to assist individuals with a wide variety of issues.  She utilizes interventions that are most appropriate for each individual and his/her goals.  Her passion is working with individuals experiencing stress and trauma related distress – which is pretty much everyone!  Peggi only works with adults on an individual basis.

Peggi is licensed in the State of Florida as a Mental Health Counselor (#3102).  She is also a Certified Bioenergetic Psychotherapist (a body-integrated therapy), and the only Certified TRE(R) Provider (Tension, Stress and Trauma Release Exercises) in northeast Florida.  She is the process of becoming a Certified TRE(R) Provider Trainer.

Her life has had hardships and struggles and she brings that life experience to her work.  Peggi is a widow with three young adult sons.  She is a breast cancer survivor.  She is a compassionate therapist.  Grace abounds.  She is dedicated to creating a safe place for her clients to explore any and all of their concerns.  There is no condemnation here.  She is committed to her Christian faith and will integrate faith into the therapy process to the degree her clients would like her to do so.  If you have a different belief system or do not have a faith tradition, she will respect this and will not include faith references in therapy.

Peggi is an experienced and accomplished speaker.  She is available to speak to groups, small and large, on a wide variety of mental health topics.

If you have questions about Peggi, please contact her —

NOTE: Peggi only works with adults on an individual basis.

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