Debbie Davis, MS, LMHC


Licensed Mental Health Counselor (#12512)

Debbie Davis is a licensed mental health counselor with a decade of counseling experience in helping clients move through their presenting situations and symptoms. Debbie also brings many life experiences that may provide beneficial insight and wisdom.  Debbie loves to read a good book, watch and experience life, but she can also be found in the woods, enjoying nature, mowing fields on her tractor or gardening or kayaking on the river. She relishes the relationships that she has with her family and friends. She has been married since 1985 to husband, best friend and together they have two grown children.

Debbie has a Master’s degree in Counseling/Psychology from Troy University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Christian leadership/education from Johnson University of Florida.   Debbie feels privileged to be invited into someone’s pain, trauma, angst, hurt only to help overcome and thrive. She is a perpetual student, continues to learn, grow and go the extra mile. She believes that she can never take her clients farther than she is willing to go herself.   A strong believer, and a positive thinker, Debbie regularly seeks internal and external wellness and campaigns to assist others to learn effective mental health techniques. Debbie has additional ongoing training in Gottman method, levels 1 and 2 and is currently in EMDR training and certification process. She feels her expertise lies within an age group of 13-65.  She is sensitive and longing to help the teen “trying to find herself” as well as the married couple searching for a better way to communicate and be understood and then to the widowed who is wondering why am I still here.

If you have questions about Debbie, please contact her — qroovr@wnkpuevfgvnapbhafryvat.pbz.


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