Marital Intensives


Most marriage counseling sessions are confined to an hour a week, leaving little time to explore difficult issues and practice new behaviors. Our marriage intensive weekend is designed to provide 10-12 hours of professional equipping which is the equivalent to over 3 months of weekly marriage counseling.

We work with one couple at a time in order to know you and fully understand the challenges you are facing in your marriage.  Our goal is to equip you with new insight and tools that will give you hope and healing for the future of your marriage.

Couples who view their relationship in the following ways should consider a marriage intensive weekend:

–      We have tried everything but nothing has worked.

–      We can’t stop fighting.

–      My husband/wife had an affair.

–      If this doesn’t work, we will get a divorce.

–      We are stuck in our marriage.


Will we meet with the therapist(s) individually or always as a couple? Our intensive involves a combination of both individual and couples sessions based on the couple’s needs.

Where should we stay during the 2-Day Marriage Intensive? To remove distractions we recommend that you stay at a local hotel. For those traveling from outside of the Jacksonville area we will provide you list of options that are convenient to our offices.


You may contact our office at 904-262-1900 or email Stuart or Melissa at for information about scheduling and fees.  Marriage Intensives are typically scheduled to begin on Friday afternoon and end on Saturday around 6:00 PM.  Fee for the Marriage Intensive cannot be paid by insurance.  You will be asked to pay a 50% deposit at the time your appointment is made with the balance due upon your arrival to begin your sessions.  Fees may be paid by cash or credit card.


Stuart and Melissa Whitlow are both Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselors. They have been married for 19 years and bring a wealth of counseling experience serving in multiple venues including private practice, church counseling centers and community mental health. They have strong passion to save marriages and to help couples improve their relationships.